Model sat in a chair wearing hemp jeans and a hemp grandad shirt

Hemp: Look Great AND Lower Your Eco Impact

Menswear with great environmental credentials

Quality clothes that last

Clothes you’ll be proud to wear

6 Reasons to Choose Hemp Clothes

Vibrant green hemp leaves against a black background

Hemp clothing is naturally antimicrobial

Your clothes stay fresh for longer

Hemp improves soil quality

Its long roots help lock in CO2 and improve the structure of the soil

Hemp is compostable

Unlike polyester and other plastic based fabrics, it will biodegrade

Hemp doesn’t require pesticides or insecticides

Pesticides and insecticides degrade the soil and contribute to CO2 in the atmosphere

Hemp requires less land

An acre of hemp produces over 2 times the amount of usable fibre as cotton

Hemp requires less water

With water resources under strain in many areas of the world, hemp uses a quarter of that needed for conventional cotton

Eco Friendly Menswear

The fashion industry is one of the biggest emitters of CO2 – bigger than aircraft and shipping emissions put together! Solving all the environmental problems is a complex task that is taking the industry time. But not all clothes are made equal. There are some simple changes we can make to reduce the impact of our clothing on the environment. Hemp and organic cotton are two fabrics that are a big step in the right direction on a number of fronts. We stock hemp shirts and hemp jeans that are blended with organic cotton to give the perfect balance between strength and softness. They significantly lower the impact on the environment and they’re great to wear. All of our products are also accredited to the Fair Wear standard, ensuring the fair treatment of workers.